Artificial Intelligence: The next frontier for banks? [Waiting list]

As banks predict and plan for the future, AI and the area of intelligent digital assistants are highly prioritized. We invite you to hear about different AI solutions from Canadian-based fintech startup and Danish-based fintech startup Calcabis.


About the companies is a white-label virtual banking assistant powered by artificial intelligence. help put a personal banker in every customer's pocket. transforms banking from static, one-size-fits-all destination websites and mobile apps to an intelligent personal chatbot assistant. Mobile optimized out of the box, their white-label platform ensures your customers are empowered to connect with your business the same way they connect with their friends - by voice and text.


Calcabis will through Artificial Intelligence software, automate and increase the quality of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) documentation, as well as the risk assessment within the accounting and legal profession.”


Calcabis offers different solutions, i.e. a tailor-made solution using our software and the customers own experience(s), as well as data, we will be able to document, monitor and analyse on required processes. Calcabis covers more than 90% of all company data world-wide, and we analyse on more than 140+ validated data sources.

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