The Corporate Startup Danish Book Launch and Fireside Chat

If you have to read one book in your life about corporate innovation, read The Corporate Startup by Tendayi Viki, Dan Toma and Esther Gons. At Copenhagen FinTech we love that book and the tools and frameworks it introduces. We are extremely thrilled to be able to give you Tendayi Viki “live” in the Copenhagen FinTech Lab on the 7th from 15.00 to 17.00 in a moderated talk together with Ole Madsen from Spar Nord (a case in the book), Jan Sirich from Nordea, Maz Spork from ISS Corporate Garage and Jakob Wedel from Box Associates. This is truly a one-of-a-kind crowd of thought leaders in the corporate innovation space that you will hear spreading their wisdom to the people 😊


Just to give you a little introduction to Tendayi: He’s an author and consultant and hold a PhD in Psychology and an MBA. Tendayi is now working as a strategy and innovation consultant that helps large organizations develop their innovation ecosystems so that they can innovate like startups. He  spent over 12 years in academia during which time he taught Organizational Psychology, Entrepreneurial Innovation and Research Methods at the University of Kent where he is now Honorary Senior Lecturer. Tendayi has previously been a Research Fellow at Stanford University and Research Assistant at Harvard University.


Copenhagen FinTech endorse the Corporate Startup (taken from the beginning of the book):


“In a world full of innovation hype and clichés, The Corporate Startup manages to provide useful answers and solutions to a complex question – how can corporations innovate faster and better? The book delivers a clear roadmap for creating a strategy, governance structure and implementing an innovation practice. This makes it an absolute must-read for all corporate strategists and innovators and has become “the way we think and talk” about corporate innovation in Copenhagen FinTech.”


There will be a signed book for the first 50 people signing up – so hurry up, it will be worth it.”



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