Get F'iT: AI & Finance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and all of its many shapes and forms such as machine learning, robotic process automation, deep learning is unaninomously agreed to be able to transform the financial sector. For local bank branches to capital market instruments and KYC processes, AI delivers an enormous potential as new technologies are smarter, more cost efficient, scalable and ready to implement across all verticals of a financial service provider.

During the Copenhagen Fintech Week, Copenhagen FinTech and the Innovation Network for finance IT invites you to join us for an explorational journey into the world of AI at Get F’iT, June 27th 2017, on AI in the financial service sector. We have invited some of the heavy hitters within advanced AI to explore how technologies can be applied within the financial services sector. The event which will take place during Copenhagen Fintech Week and touches upon various use cases, where we will explore how this advanced technology will impact the financial services sector.




Copenagen FinTech Lab - Appelsby Plads 7 - 1411 København K