The Conference



9th april 2019 at Best Western Torvehallerne, Fiskergade 2, 7100 Vejle


09:00 Coffee/tea/networking

09:30 DCUM: The new approach to bullying and how to handle bullying in schools.

The Danish Center for Educational Environment (DCUM) will give a presentation on bullying. The main focus of the day will be the community-based approach to bullying, the anti-bullying procedures in Danish schools (according to Undervisningsmiljøloven) and how to handle complaints about the school’s anti-bullying work. The presentation will give the participants insight into the anti-bullying field and an overview of the most important points, so that they can act if there is bullying in their school. The community-based approach to bullying focuses on the teachers’ view of children and the dynamics in groups of students. What are the dynamics that allow bullying to happen? What does it mean when the Danish law mentions bullying and ‘similar dynamics’? Which responsibility do the schools have if bullying occurs in their community?The presentations by DCUM will aim to answer these questions. There will also be time for discussion breaks where the participants will reflect upon their own pedagogical practice, related to the topic of bullying.

11:00 BREAK

11:15 DCUM continued

12:00 LUNCH

13:00 Choice of two afternoon sessions:

  1. MOT – for teachers of students age 13-16

MOT means courage in Norwegian and is a programme which promotes student wellbeing. MOT workshops allow young people to reflect on their personal strengths and challenges as individuals and as part of a class community. MOT aims to encourage robust and including youth communities. MOT focuses on young people and their relationships at school and after school. Examples of methods include peer-run activities, good stories, dialogue, role-play; all to make the young people aware of the value of making their own choices, looking after each other and showing courage.

  1. Fri for Mobberi/Better Friends - for teachers of students age 3-9

Fri for mobberi/ Better Friends is a preventative anti bullying programme for those working with children up to 9 years of age. It is supported by the Mary Foundation and Save the Childen. The programme consists of teaching materials that focus on strengthening class community and prevent bullying. This workshop will outline the preventative approach, give tools and strategies for how to build a positive classroom environment and give practical examples of classroom strategies that support this.

15:00 – 15:30 plenary and evaluation of the day

Date: 9th april 2019

Price: 880 kr

Lokaltion: Best Western Torvehallerne, Fiskergade 2, 7100 Vejle