Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare

For the 4th year in a row the Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare is arranged by NCSH, Upgraded and DTU, in collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency and Nordic Innovation.


Join us for a one day conference and meet professionals from all over the world to discuss the latest developments on environmental sustainability in healthcare.

This is a chance to expand your network and make new connections.


How can we reduce the environmental impact, improve sustainablility performance etc? 

What can we do on a national and international level for a more sustainable healthcare?


We will discuss topics such as:

  • Circular Healthcare
  • Non Toxic Healthcare
  • Climate Friendly Healthcare
  • Resilient Healthcare
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Nordic Excellence in Sustainable Healthcare

...and much more.

This will be the focus of the Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare 2020. We welcome you to participate, exhibit, speak, sponsor, or partner up with us!


Are you a participant? Then we offer you optional sitevisits and studytrips within the regions of Skåne in Sweden, and Denmark. As a registreret participant we will contact you per email for deals, visits & dates. 





Sign up as a participant below or go to the Sponsor & Exhibitor prospectus site here. 




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