Conference Themes

- Firm Strategies, Firm Capabilities, State Business Relations and institutional Environment


With changing patterns in global development and the new roles and powers of, for example, the BRICS countries, increasing focus has been placed on economic development in developing countries and emerging markets. While economic growth has been impressive in Asia over the last 30-40 years, the picture is more mixed in Latin-America and in Africa. Lately, the growth trajectories have changed and substantial attention has been placed on development in Africa.


Substantial efforts have been placed on macro level assessment of growth patterns and dynamics in developing countries. These efforts have been part of an increasing consensus, which has materialised in terms of the need to understand the private sector and the conditions for its success under changing development trajectories. Still, looking at the literature on private sector development in developing countries, limited emphasis has been put on understanding the specific strategies of a developing country firms and how firms interact with the particular market structures and institutions of these countries. To what extent can we relate firm development and growth to firm specific capabilities?


A growing literature has emerged on state-business-relations (SBR), however, also in this field we are short of more in-depth knowledge with regard to sector specific patterns and longitudinal changes. Similarly, to what extent do governments and institutions, formal and informal, including personal networks, for example to political and economic elites, constitute the main factors of change? Also in this literature the firm perspective has been largely absent, and the developing country firm - its strategies, its resources, its networks and its relations to authorities and other firms - has been treated as a black box.


We will have papers that cover a range of themes including, but not limited to:


  • Developing country firm strategiesDeveloping country firm capabilities
  • State-business-relations and impact on firm development and growth
  • The role of formal and informal institutions for industrial policies, firm development and internationalisation
  • The role of the business environment in explaining developing country and emerging market firms’ growth and   development

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