Hands-on WORKSHOP with Marc Gruber

WHERE TO PLAY: How to identify, evaluate and focus on the right market opportunities

Hands-on WORKSHOP with Marc Gruber


As an entrepreneur or innovator, you are trained to run fast. But are you running in the right direction?


Choosing the right market is the trickiest decision for innovators. Entrepreneurs do not often spend enough time to identify their market opportunities. Instead, they jump at the first market that looks good, and fail to properly evaluate and leverage other opportunities.


These common mistakes mean that you often choose the wrong market or lock yourself into one specific direction.


The Where to Play method provides a structured and practical framework to better identify, evaluate and focus on the right market opportunities.


To learn more, visit: https://wheretoplay.co/


Who should attend the workshop?


Technology Entrepreneurs, Innovation Managers, Business Developers.


Join us at the workshop on:


Monday 23 September 2019 from 09.00 am to 12:30

at DTU Entrepreneurship,
Produktionstorvet, Building 426,
2800 Kgs. Lyngby


Breakfast, coffee, soft drinks & sandwich



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